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2016-07-18_0010This woman, now wife to Jonathan, is an angel. She is the kind of woman you dream your son will fall inlove with. Photographing her and showing her how gorgeous she is has been an honor, and quite frankly, a lot of fun! Texas heat was just showing up when we photographed these so it was a little hot but Shelby killed it! She looked stunning and I am inlove with this session. Shelby, I will shoot you any day!

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I have so many blessings in my life. Couples like Clint & Kelly is definitely one of them. They truly wanted their day to be laid back celebration, for their family and close friends to see them become a family of 4. It was a warm day in May, right before the Texas summer hit, so it was just beautiful!

Their team loyalties are very clear! LOL!2016-07-12_00032016-07-12_00022016-07-12_00052016-07-12_00042016-07-12_00062016-07-12_0007

Such a great location!


The new family! 😀



  • Sasha Roth - We are looking for a photographer for our wedding on 10/1/17 as well as someone to shoot our engagement photos. Also, do you have a rates sheet?

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I love how happy these two make each other. Michele is a sweetheart and such a kind person, and then when Austin comes in the room she just completely lights up. It was awesome having a front row to that. I loved their colors so much! They were married at Fort Worth’s Ashton DepotWe + You did a gorgeous job on the flowers, It’s Your Night’s William Ryan is always so fun to work with!


Love. Michele is a beauty.2016-07-05_00032016-07-05_00052016-07-05_00062016-07-05_00042016-07-05_00072016-07-05_0008


Loving the colors!2016-07-05_00122016-07-05_00132016-07-05_00142016-07-05_00152016-07-05_0016

Creme De La Creme did a beautiful job on their cake!2016-07-05_00172016-07-05_00182016-07-05_00192016-07-05_00212016-07-05_0022


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Michele’s bridal gown is pretty much what I would choose for myself. It is gorgeous! Her and Austin were married a few weeks ago at the Ashton Depot, which is where we photographed her bridal session. Bridal sessions are a great way to have a full dressed rehearsal for the big day so it’s fun seeing all the attire details come together.


Her eyes are amazing!


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